• The easiest way to lose weight

    Our food and training plan helps you to get into your best shape. You have the opportunity to try it for free!

  • Food and training plan in your smartphone

    More personal and more convenient than ever before. You have the opportunity to try it for free!

  • The key to weight loss is in your genes

    A gene test helps us to create a food and training plan suitable for your body.

We will create a suitable food plan for you!

Our app creates a suitable meal plan for you in seconds. We have 450 healthy recipes that are used in calculating your food plan. Our unique feature is the fact that you can enter your own favourite recipes and our smart system can find a food plan based on those. This way you can lose weight and at the same time eat the foods you like most! You can even enter your Grandma's best recipes and we will serve them to you in just the right amount! See how it works

Follow the plan or decide what you eat yourself!

If you want to plan your meals yourself, you can track what you eat in our app. Afterwards you can see on our easy graphs how much and what you can still eat to achieve your goals. Our database has thousands of foods to enable you to track your meals. See how it works

Want to work out to achieve your goals faster?

We will offer an easy workout plan for you weekly that helps you to achieve your goals faster. If you want to plan your workouts yourself, track them and we will tell you how much and what you can eat additionally. Or leave these extra burned calories for weight loss. The choice is yours! See how it works

The latest science in an easy and understandable app

Our nutritionists, geneticists, trainers and IT experts have created a unique app that includes:

450 healthy recipes

by our nutritionist. You can use these to create a suitable food plan for you in a minute.

Smart platform

that uses machine learning algorithms and is able to combine a suitable food plan for you from any collection of recipes. The resulting food plan is based on the Nordic Food Recommendations and adjusted to your genes, goals, body weight and activity level.

Absolutely customizable

Enter your favourite recipes so we can offer you a food plan based on those. Track your workouts or fill a food diary. This way you can follow your wishes and see that you are on track to your goals.

Easy graphs

Our app provides easy graphs that enable you to see your weight loss and that you don't eat too much.

Easy and convenient design

Our app is very focused on usability. Bright colours and easy menus make using the app convenient and fast.

Your ideas are important

We are always looking for good ideas! Please give us feedback about what you like or what features you would want additionally. This way we can make the app even better!

Try our app!

Food plan, food diary, workout recommendations, weight tracking - have a look at screenshots of our app.

Geneto team

Jaak Sarv

Jaak is our "Hard Core" hacker who has put to work the most complex algorithms that can create personal workout plans and food plans from any collection of recipes.

Pille-Riin Meerits

Pille-Riin studied gene technology in the University of Tartu (MSc in 2008) and she organizes the gene testing process. Pille-Riin also handles customer feedback and is usually your first point of contact.

Andres Salumets

Andres helps us to make the latest scientific discoveries in gene-based health counselling accessible and useful to an average person. Andres works in the University of Tartu as Professor of Reproductive Medicine.

Jaak Mae

Olympic Bronze Medalist
Jaak is an entrepreneur and our mentor in sports. He is also our PR specialist in media who helps us to make our service more known.

Kätrin Karu

Kätrin is a Junior Research Fellow in food science in the Tallinn University of Technology who has developed our nutritional principles and curated our database of recipes.

Priit Salumaa

Startup guru
Priit is one of the founders of Geneto and a Startup guru who helps us with product development and financial investments. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Estonia and we are lucky to have him as a mentor.

Aigar Ottas

Molecular biologist
Aigar is about to defend a doctoral thesis on molecular biology and has developed the nutritional and workout algorithms that are based on the latest scientific results.

Jakob Hoyer

Android developer
Jakob is a very experienced Android developer who can make even the most difficult apps easy and convenient for the user.

Henri Mägi

iOS developer
Henri is one of our most experienced iOS developers who has a really good eye for details and helps us make our apps work even better.

Write to us!

Did you notice a problem in the app or have an idea which features should be included? Write to us!